Fast Forward: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: DAY EIGHT



“Come let us return to the Lord; He has torn us that he may heal us

Hosea 6:1

Yesterday we looked at the tendency to latch onto substitutes to try to deal with the pressures of life.  The enemy is always ready to offer us a way around God’s design.  Initially these substitutes give us a sense of relief, even of freedom.  Eventually though, like the prodigal of Luke 15, we discover that a false freedom is not an escape from bondage, but an escape into it.  Substitutes create idols out of things and people that become barriers between us and God.  In the end, everywhere we turn becomes a dead end.  Our lives becomes like a maze hedged up with thorns (Hosea 2).  Everywhere we turn results in greater pain than the one we tried to avoid.

The good news is that God actively pursues us to restore us to Himself.  The prophet Hosea tells us that God often tears us to heal us.  God will not to keep us from the consequences of wrong choices.  It is these that bring us to breakdown which becomes the avenue to brokenness.  Jesus said it so plainly: we must lose our lives to discover life as He meant it to be – total trust in Him.  It is only as I allow my life to be broken from dependence on this world that I break into His.  He is ever calling us to return, to come to Him as our only Source that breaks every yoke of the enemy.  He desires to pour Himself out on us as healing, life-giving rain.

Our part is to press on to know Him.  What we often want are programs, formulas, easy fixes.  But there aren’t any.  There is only Him.  I press into His presence and abide in Him and with Him.  Fasting helps us to hear the call to deny ourselves, to take up a cross daily.  Fasting helps mold our lives to the bearing of His cross without which resurrection life is not possible.

Read Hosea 6:1-3.  In what areas of your life is the Father calling you to push through your pain to press on the know Him?