Fast Forward: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: DAY TWENTY-ONE

DAY 21

“Into Your hands I commit my spirit”

Psalm 31:5

As most of us know, these are some of the last words Jesus said on the cross.  The cross was not optional.  There was no plan B.  Jesus Himself asked the Father if there was not some way to allow Him to avoid this bitter cup.  But He surrendered Himself to the Father’s will at the greatest personal cost so that through His death there might be a resurrection.  Praise God, what a Savior.

On February 13thof this year (2018), sitting beside my 22 month old grandson Logan’s bedside in St. Mary’s hospital, the Father took me to this passage of scripture.  We were all wrestling with God for his healing and resurrection from catastrophic brain damage.   With the injuries he had sustained it would have to be a Lazarus miracle.  We never doubted that He could heal; we needed to know what He would do.  I sensed the Father saying that we had to let him go, that his spirit was already with Him.  I would like to tell you I was ready that day to receive that word – I was not.     Six days later we removed him from life support and he quit breathing at 3:23pm.  Even now, two months later, it still hurts like no other pain ever has.

I write this as the final entry for a purpose.  This walk with Christ is a journey in which He decides the path not us. There are so many times we would choose some other way, and often have, to our regret.  We have to walk so very often through the shadow of deepest pain. And so very often we do all we can to evade it not understanding on the other side of pain there is peace.  Those who learn to dwell in His secret place can abide in His shadow where they find Life that this world knows nothing of. At such times we can allow pain to be an anchor to His heart or become an abscess of bitterness that puts walls between us and Him.  From my heart to yours, run to His arms that gave His life for us.  Like Peter speaking for the disciples in John 6: “Lord, where else would we go? You have the words to eternal life.”

Read John 6:53-68. What do you sense is the most important the Spirit has been saying to you over the last 21 days?