Fast Forward: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: DAY SIXTEEN

DAY 16

when the sun rose, it was scorched, and since it had no root, it withered away.”  - Mark 4:6

In Romans 1:16-17, the Apostle Paul assures us that the good news of Jesus Christ is the power of God for the deliverance of anyone who places their complete faith in Him. We receive by faith what He offers by grace.  It’s that simple.

But, faith is not an act of simply knowing something to be true.   Faith requires the total giving of ourselves over to Jesus Christ as Lord.  The question I want ask today to you, the reader, directly is:  Have you truly been born again?  I am not asking you if you have reached the point where you don’t struggle with areas weakness to the things of this world.  We all will battle with our flesh until we stand before Christ. 

In Mark 4, Jesus tells a parable to help his listeners understand the four different ways that we can receive Him.   The first, the trampled soil (or the path) is very obvious.  These hear truth but the heart of so harden by this world that it is immediately rejected and they go their way seemingly unaffected.  The second, the rocky soil, seemingly receives truth with great joy.  There seems to be life-change up front and to all observance is promising.  What is unseen is that this heart is just as attached to and hardened by this world as the trampled soil.  What looks like the real thing very soon fades away.  When the sun comes up, when faced with real life, we soon see that it was all on the surface – at the heart there was no substance.  

Fact: the evidence of new birth is a changed life that will remain with Christ through the ravages and realities of life.  Where the life of Christ takes root there will be fruit from the Spirit of God.  The danger for some will be the seeking after the blessings of revival who have never truly dealt with repentance that gives their lives completely over toChrist which will be revealed in newness of life (Rom 6).  The real thing may limp at times but it will continue with Christ.

Read Mark 4: 13-20. Which soil most identifies with you?